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          About Us

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          HeptaChroma was founded in 2007 to commercialize the technology of the third generation of solar cells (dye-sensitized solar cells, DSC). HeptaChroma consists of Dalian HeptaChroma SolarTech Co., Ltd., Yingkou HeptaChroma SolarTech Co., Ltd. and Shandong HeptaChroma Chemical Co., Ltd....

          DSC Materials&Equiment

          Dyes Pastes Substrate&Electrode Electrolytes

          Perovskite Solar Cells

          Perovskite spin-on liquid Perovskite related materials Conductive glass Spin coating slurry

          Electric heating glass products

          Glass heater series Glass table series Glass feet warm series

          FTO Conductive glass

          Thin film solar cells Touch screen with Dye-sensitised solar cells Electrically induced discoloration device to use

          DSC Battery components

          Anthraquinone dyes

          qq Home
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